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Environmental Science & Technology (2024).

Journal Cover Paper

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Evaluating Droplet Survivability on Face Masks with X-ray Microtomography

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Journal Cover Paper


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Immunization with RBD-P2 and N protects against SARS-CoV-2 in nonhuman primates

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Selected as a Back Cover

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Tyrannosaurs as long-lived species

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A solution to debates over the behavior of mortality at old ages

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Selected as Research Highlights in Nature 498, 411 (2013).

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Size limits the formation of liquid jets during bubble bursting

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Selected as Cover Paper

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Convection-enhanced water evaporation

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Capillary force repels coffee-ring effect

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Selected as Kaleidoscope Image, included in the American Physical Society 2010 Annual Report.

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Charge-induced wetting of aerosols

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X-ray ablation of hyaluronan hydrogels: Fabrication of three-dimensional microchannel networks

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Selected as Research Highlights in 2009

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Weon et al. Reply

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1. Weon, B. M., van Dam, A., Park, G. S. et al.

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